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Friday, January 13, 2006

daveberta on citytv

Unlike another blogger, we have not been pontificating about our regular media appearances since the beginning of the election. But for those of you in Edmonton who haven't figured it out yet, since the beginning of December 2005, we have been a regular member of CityTV’s election panel.

Every Friday for the past month during the 6pm news and continuing until the end of the election, our very own handsome and dashingly charming self has been staring on CityTV.

And of course, on January 23rd, on election night, we will be on CityTV as part of the election night political panel.


Anand said...

your are nor "dashingly charming" or "handsome", you look like a twelve year old wih facial hair.

I will crush you in that game we played:)

Anxious to hear about the forum and you perspective.



daveberta said...

thanks, Anand :-P

forum stuff is coming soon.

Jason Cherniak said...

Congrats. I don't see what's wrong with advertising, though.


Been on for weeks and now you tell us. Boy you really are shy. Wait a minute you're on TV and you blog and you are shy...

Jim said...

Yeah Dave: bad form. You shoulda thought about all the throngs of your followers who would never turn on the TV--let alone switch the station to CityTV--without being told in clear, simple words to do so.

Nastyboy said...

I wish I could tune in. I'll be out of town on election day. I voted in the advanced poll today though.