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Friday, February 04, 2005

in the midst of secret research in my work as a top secret agent for an even more top secret organization, I accidentally typed in (instead of type it in your address bar and see what you get...

is this a good thing or a bad thing???


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Jentario said...

Who's the bigger geek Dave, the person who does three blog posts, or the person who visits and replies to them?!


Why do you ask whether is a good thing or a bad thing?

I think it's a good thing in practical terms. Financial planning for retirement is a complicated thing! Having a service for it isn't so bad.

But what I think is bad tho, is that people need services like this in the first place. It's not really a very positive reflection upon our society, is it? ....That we end up working such long and hard hours to make ends meet - that we do not have time (or the money) to care for our elders.

With Canada being a melting pot of cultures, there are obviously some within our society that still value the family unit: but I have seen many first-generation Canadians rebelling against that family-oriented culture to embrace the more individualistic notions of "the west".

In this country, we may be richer than some others in material terms - but I honestly don't think we've got it together on the social front at all. When I think of my experiences overseas - the one thing I have been struck by when I return to Canada is how unappy so many people are....and how happy the people I've met overseas can be, despite having so much 'less'.

Sometimes, less is more.