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Friday, February 11, 2005

goin' ta kentucky?

for ya'll plannin' ta be 'round t'e grand ole' state o' kentucky, don't ya'll forget to ya'll come on down to th'old Answers in Genesis Creation Museum and Family Discover Centre. (daveberta recommends you take the virtual tour!).

"T. rex—the real king of the beasts. That’s the terror that Adam’s sin unleashed! You’ll run into this monster lurking near Adam and Eve. How’s this possible? Find out soon!" - Virtual Tour, Section 19#

I sooooo want to go to this museum. Anyone wanna come with me? (holtopia??)


CFAC Library said...

That's hilarious. They claim many of the great discoverers of science to be creationists... but then, the big bang theory and evolutionary biology hadn't really been invented yet. So I guess living at that time makes you a creationist by default. :P

c-lo said...

Did I not just show you that yesterday.... or thursday maybe.

daveberta said...

Holtopia - Alas, you are correct young Kaiser. In order to combat this historical injustice, I suggest that the two of us jump into the "daveberta super time machine," sack Aristotle, and take over Athens (woah...I need to lay off the political philosophy books...). Well, that's really not a solution, but it would be fun!

c-lo - YES! Thanks for showing me that link, I thought it was kosher enough for an official daveberta post. :)