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Friday, February 25, 2005

Rocky Mountain House and back in 10 hours

Went on a last minute road trip yesterday with some great people to the great little town of Rocky Mountain House. Was a 2 hour ride there and 2 back from Edmonton. Had never been to RMH before...

I love going to these small towns, they're fun! Ended up in the "Saddle Sore Saloon" at 4 in the afternoon (yes, it's as classy as it sounds...). interesting crowd.... my buddy and I stuck out like sore thumbs... didn't sell any Liberal Party memberships there... ; )

Had dinner at the Chef's Cafe - a really nice little resturant - if you are ever in RMH you have to go!

Just an interesting RMH fact - in the 2004 Provincial Election, Liberal Candidate Susan Scott (who is an awesome lady!) placed second. This was the first time a Liberal placed second in RMH in 49 years!!! The results looked like....

Rocky Mountain House Constituency 2004 Provincial Election
(47.7% Voter Turnout)

Ty Lund, PC - 5,773 (57%)
Susan Scott, Liberal - 1,266 (12%)
Lavern J. Ahlstrom, Social Credit - 1,265 (12%)
Ed Wilhite, Alliance - 807 (8%)
Bruce Hutton, Seperatist - 503 (5%)
Jennifer Issac, Green - 335 (3%)
Anthony Jones, NDP - 300 (3%)

to put this into perspective, here are the results from the 2001 election (55.5% Voter Turnout):

Ty Lund, PC - 7,820 (70%)
Lavern J. Ahlstrom, SC - 1,705 (15%)
Winjand Horemans, Liberal - 1,171 (11%)
Doug MacAngus, NDP -408 (4%)

so... all the power to those right-wing fringe/spilt the PC vote parties!


c-lo said...

slacker! ;-)

CFAC Library said...

I've heard rumours from a reliable source that Rocky Mountain House boasts a high concentration of cult members. Can you confirm or deny? :P

daveberta said...

to answer both of your questions: yes.

D :)

CFAC Library said...

If you confirm, deny, sneeze, hiccup, and cough at the same time, you end up in the 5th dimension. So be cautious. :)

daveberta said...

woah... thanks for the warning dude!