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Monday, March 28, 2005

16 vacant seats = 9 new Senators?

Is anybody wondering why Prime Minister Martin appointed 9 new Senators when there are 16 vacant Senate seats?

There are still vacant seats in New Brunswick (1), Prince Edward Island (1), Quebec (3), Manitoba (1), and British Columbia (1) = 7 Senate seats which are still vacant...

Just wondering if anyone else thinks this is a little weird.

Canada's 9 new Senators
(Name - Province (Party))

Jim Cowan - Nova Scotia (Liberal)
Romeo Dallaire - Quebec (Liberal)
Lylian Dyck - Saskatchewan (New Democrat)
Art Eggleton - Ontario (Liberal)
Elaine McCoy - Alberta (Progressive Conservative)
Grant Mitchell - Alberta (Liberal)
Robert Peterson - Saskatchewan (Liberal)
Nancy Ruth - Ontario (Progressive Conservative)
Claudette Tardif - Alberta (Liberal)


calgarygrit said...

16 at once would make it a big story. By only appointing half of them and doing it at the start of the Easter long weekend, the Libs ensure they'll get minimum exposure from it.

By guess is the other 7 get appointed either on the Canada Day long weekend, or on the next big news day to ensure it gets burried.

daveberta said...

is that considered 'dithering?'