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Monday, April 04, 2005

darkness on the horizon

If even half of this Gomery stuff is true, I am hugely disappointed.



CFAC Library said...

Is your Ted Mortondar going crazy!? If so, it may be because he published a letter yesterday morning declaiming on the merits and political will to use the notwithstanding clause, and then Klein and Co. pulled the carpet out from under him when they announced that they would not, in fact, be using the notwithstanding clause! Pum pum pum!

Rachel said...

What is that I smell coming this way.....



daveberta said...

holtopia: Ah yea, my Ted Mortondar is going off, unfortunately, my 'study-for-examsadar' going off at the same time. But, get ready because once my exams are done, I will be posting a new series of postings dedicated to our friend, Mr. Morton.

Some of the exciting blogtastic posts will include 'Ted Morton, Your a Star', 'Bert & Ted: Alberta's Triple-E Heterosexual Power Couple' and 'The Divine Rights of Foothills-Rockyview.'

Rachel: Thanks for the post. See my webboard post for my response. :)