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Saturday, April 02, 2005

sweetening the deal


I have again updated the sidebar to your right -->

I've moved the links sections around a little and added a bunch of new blog links (scroll down) - check'em out - half of them are interesting, the other half are filled with crazies! - you decide which is which.

I've also added a new poll - for those of your paying attention to this, this, this, and this, and of course this, this and this you will understand what I mean.

Here are the results of the former poll:

Question: When do you think Ralph Klein will retire?
Tomorrow - 7%
Summer 2005 - 2%
Fall 2005 - 21%
Winter 2005/06 - 7%
Spring 2006 - 14%
Summer 2006 - 12%
He should have retired ten years ago! - 29%
Ralph who? - 7%
Total Votes - 44
Hmmm. Interesting. Well... enjoy the new additions!


CFAC Library said...

There is something terrible weighing on my conscience. I voted "Ralph who?" early and often!

Rachel said...

The leader, with 29%, is 10 years ago! - my only comment on the matter is this.....

Only 29%?

daveberta said...

I know, I was predicting "10 years ago" to win by a landslide. Oh well, becusae of the first past the post system, i'm declaring our buddy "10 years ago" to be elected. :P