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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

tony abbott, the reverend of rage

No wonder the rest of Canada think's we're a bunch of rednecks.

Members of Alberta legislature have spitting match over Stronach insult

Lorraine Turchansky
Canadian Press
May 18, 2005

EDMONTON (CP) -- What started out as a crude swipe at Tory-turned-Liberal Belinda Stronach morphed into a nasty confrontation between two members of the Alberta legislature Wednesday.

Tony Abbott, a rural Conservative backbencher who is also an evangelical Christian minister, found himself apologizing repeatedly for saying Stronach was "whoring" herself by defecting to the Liberals.

Abbott said he made the remark out of anger but decided to retract it after getting plenty of negative feedback from his constituents -- including his wife. read the rest here...


Robert McBean. said...

one wonders how they'll write that up in hansard.

daveberta said...

knowing the Tories, they'll probably edit it out.

Anonymous said...

1) He said it after a caucus meeting in the hallway. Media were scrumming everyone who left.

2) They only edit Hansard for clarity, not for content.

daveberta said...

Mr. Anonymous,

Thanks for your comments.

About Hansard, this is Alberta, the land of Sheriff Ralph and his Public Relations Bureau posse. Editing Hansard is probably pretty easy when you got 200 spin doctors working for you.


Anonymous said...

Great title on this post - I am still shocked when I think of Abbott's reckless comments.

daveberta said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence : )