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Sunday, June 05, 2005

10 random facts

I could'nt sleep last night, so here you go...

- Name of the McGill Student Society Building: The William Shatner Student Centre

- Total value of Canada’s Barley industry in 1970: $144,700,000

- Total value of Canada’s Barley industry in 1995: $795,500,000

- Length of Mel Brook’s 'Spaceballs': 1 hour 37 minutes.

- Number of BC Premiers since 1980: 8

- Number of Alberta Premiers since 1980: 3

- Kilometers of paved roadway in Ecuador: approx. 8,165km

- % of alcohol in a 330ml bottle of Corona: 4.6%

- % of alcohol in a 461ml bottle of Big Rock (Grasshopper): 5%

- 1964 Hart Trophy winner: Jean Béliveau (Montreal!)


AWGB said...

How many keys on your keyboard?

daveberta said...

mine has about 87. your's?

CFAC Library said...

Spaceball has been showing up on the Davedar quite frequently as of late.

I want a Student Centre named after the Shat.

Chris said...

Dave, I think it's called the Willam Shatner University Center.

daveberta said...

oops. my bad. I guess that knocks down the credibility of the "10 random facts."

Chris said...

No, Dave. But calling the University of Alberta Students' Union Building the Paul Gross University Center would knock down the credibilty of the institution on a whole.

daveberta said...

yes, that would be a great diservice to the good people working in that building too. Though it would be more than cool if my business card said Paul Gross University Centre. that's fun.

Robert McBean. said...

does the shatner building have artificial turf on the roof?

daveberta said...

I don't know. But I heard the top 2 floors are built like a bunker to keep the cops out if they get raided (the building was built in the 1960's).

Anonymous said...

crazy quebecois