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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

C-38 passed

I thought the beginning was pretty funny - the first time the Speaker asked for yeas and nays, the yeas most definately out yelled the neas. The second time, the nays sounded like they had added 50 or so vocal cords...

The vote results:
Yeas: 158
Nays: 133

Nothing out of the ordinary. The Liberal God Squad voted nay. Dipper Bev Desjarlais voted nay, as did Kilgour and O'Brien. Tories James Moore and Jim Prentice voted yea.

I hope someone asks Stephen Harper if this means Quebec is going to separate :P

What a goofball.

And so ends the story of how Canada legalized same-sex marriage.

PS. The sky never fell! :P


Brad said...

It hasn't fallen *yet*! :D

ricky said...

The Sky is still up there in BC

sinead said...

Its still up here I believe, On Vancouver Island. I feel like I should throw a party, i'm so happy!

Mike said...

Sky's been up for the past 2 years in Ontario...

I thgink everything is gonna be alright.

daveberta said...

Yep, it's a good day for the progressiveness of Canada!

Congrats to everyone who worked so hard to bring this issue this far! (have a beer!)

c-lo said...

How much further can the issue go? I heard the original gay couple who began the marriage pursuit want the charitable status of churches who don't preform gay marriages removed.

Not sure if that is a good idea and quite frankly is as unconstitutional as not allowing gay marriages to occur.