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Thursday, June 30, 2005

happy canada day!

Since I'm skipping town tonight and won't be back until Sunday... HAPPY CANADA DAY!

I'll leave you with this...

Statement by the Prime Minister for Canada Day

June 30, 2005
Ottawa, Ontario

Prime Minister Paul Martin today made the following statement for Canada Day:

“Today we celebrate Canada’s 138th birthday. This is a time to reflect on the values we hold dear as a nation.

Already in 2005, we have witnessed events and anniversaries that remind us of these values and how they define us as Canadians.

We have honoured Canadian veterans during the 60th anniversary commemoration of VE Day for their tremendous sacrifice in preserving freedom and democracy. We’ve celebrated the 20th anniversary of equality rights in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. And we have joined Albertans and Saskatchewanians in the festivities surrounding the centenary of these two provinces.

Canada is a success story – and we take immense pride in that. A country bound together by values of family, community, respect for one another, and a commitment to equality of opportunity. Our future is bright.

Canada Day is a time to celebrate that success. One gigantic birthday party across the nation, as the summer begins and we relax in the company of family and friends – at the lake, traveling, camping, enjoying the warm summer days and evenings.

Let the celebration begin! To all Canadians – I wish you a very Happy Canada Day!”


Aizlynne said...

Canada would be better off without that fool for a Prime Minister. Now THAT is something to be happy about!

Cheers and enjoy your long weekend.

daveberta said...

meh. Politicians come and go. Canada remains cool nether the less.

Have a nice long weekend too! :)


Anonymous said...

I agree, Canada still rocks (no matter how crappy our politicians are).

Anonymous said...


Well that would easily said of any Canadian politician, Liberal CPC, NDP, M-O-U-S-Eeeeee

Happy Canada Dave, and thanks for helping me find that pic of Mr. Murphy. I didn't end up using, that section got left on the cutting room floor, sorry.

daveberta said...

No Prob, Zorph. Hope you had a great Canada Day!