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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

O'Brien may vote against Liberals

Former Liberal MP Pat O'Brien has said that he and another (unnamed) Liberal MP may vote against the Government in tonight's budget vote if the Government did not delay the Same-Sex Marriage Bill.

So, assuming all MP's show up, and the O'Brien senario plays out, that would make it:

131 Liberals (-the Speaker and the 'unnamed Liberal MP')
19 ND's
= 150

96 Tories (minus Gurmant Grewal and David Chatters (Chatters for sure), and perhaps Darrell Stinson)
54 Bloc Quebecois
1 Independent (O'Brien)
1 Liberal (My bets are on Tom Wappell)
= 152

WILD CARD: 2 other Independent MP's (Parrish and Kilgour)

So, if this senario plays out and both Parrish and Kilgour vote with the Lib/ND Coalition, then the Speaker will break the tie, if not...

Read more on CBC.


CFAC Library said...

I think Ralph Goodale should give Pat O'Brian "the beats" in the schoolyard by the bicycle racks after school.

Justin said...

The Bloc is missing an MP and the Conservatives are missing three. Parrish and O'Brian are the only two independents that will be there for sure. Cadman will definetly not show up and Kilgour is a bit iffy. Heard all this from the 5:00PM broadcast of CBC's Politics.

Liam said...

The CBC has an article claiming that Kilgour could be voting with the Tories. I'd say Wappel could be the "unknown ally" but it could also be Karygiannis, Steckle, or Szabo.

calgarygrit said...

There's no way the government falls unless the Liberals want it to fall.

The Tories would be insane to want an election right now and I'd imagine they'd either have a set MPs sit in the lobby or have their Newfoundland MPs abstain if it looked like they might lose.

Accidents do happen but until the Tories crack 30% in the polls again, there's no way they'll be gunning for an election.

daveberta said...

I agree, I would be very suprised if the government fell this evening, but it could be very close. It is totally in the hands of the Liberals.

I couldn't see the Tories or the ND's wanting an election right now. I don't think Canadians in general are in the mood for an election.

On another note, I heard that the about half of the ND caucus was stuck in trafic when trying to get back to Ottawa from Montreal this afternoon.