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Sunday, July 03, 2005

back in the edmonton groove

I'm back in E-town and I've become addicted to Johnny Cash.

More later.

PS. Check out Civitatensis for the latest edition of WILD ROSE ROUNDUP!

UPDATE: Because I feel like sharing... I spent my weekend in the bush up in northern Alberta at a cabin that had no phone line or electricity. It was great. Nature rocks. So does Alberta. It was so nice up there...


andym said...

Hey Dave--glad to hear that someone else has joined the Johnny Cash lovefest--after you absorb the early greatness, I highly recommend the American recordings he did with Rick Rubin over the last 12 years. "Unchained" has to be my personal fave. Enjoy, man!

Anonymous said...

I was lucky enough to see Johnny Cash in concert twice, including the Carter family (when his wife was still alive).

AWGB said...

Johnny Cash's Folsom Prison Blues is a great CD.

Duncan said...

There is no better addiction than one to the man in black. Beyond the obvious hits, I would also check out "The Man Comes Around" (not the album, well yes, the album, but the song that the album is named after). That song haunts me it is so good. And with enough beers I sing a pretty mean "Ring of Fire." And by mean we mean painful. Scratchy. Not like Cash.

daveberta said...

Thanks for all the great suggestions, I'm glad to see that Johnny Cash fans are well represented in the blog-o-sphere!

I'm now off to illegally download as many JC songs as I can find :P

I *heart* LimeWire. : )