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Monday, July 18, 2005

blog of the week - canadian expatriates: the expat blog

This week's 'blog of the week' goes to a very cool blog - Canadian Expatriates: The Expat Blog.

As mentioned in the previous sentence, this is a very cool blog which describes itself as "A collection of articles and observations written by Canadian Expatriates from around the globe."

Not only do I really like the concept, but the three bloggers (Bethanie, Expat, and Nicole) are entertaining as well. It also links to blogs of other Canadian expatriates and a message board for Canadian expats.

Definately check it out. I recommend it.


Expat said...

Thank you for bestowing upon us the glorious title of "Blog of the Week"! It is, indeed, a great honour! :)

I have added you to the Canadian 'Groll and look forward to keeping up with you!

daveberta said...

no prob and thanks!


D :)