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Monday, July 04, 2005

fox's tart

John Gibson, you suck.

UPDATE: John Gibson still sucks.

UPDATE: One of the four Dark Horsemen has joined in with some Canada Day bashing of his own.


Unknown said...

Terrible article. Wow! Where's all that anger coming from? He makes it sound as if any complaint leveled at the US by Canada is evidence of anti-Americanism.

Yes, he is being hyper-sensitive. And, no, Canadians are not anti-American, we're anti-American silliness from folks like this Gibson fellow.

Brad said...

There's a big difference between being anti-American and anti-Bush. I would be the latter.

Anonymous said...

I agree. There is a huge difference in being Anti-American and Anti-Bush. It's the same as being anti-Tim Horton's and not anti-Canadian.

Not that GW is a donut or anything.

daveberta said...

Good points from all. I've never considered myself anti-American, I may not agree with the policy stances of the current Republican admin, and may be warry of the direction US culture is heading, but I don't consider myself anti-American by any strech of the means.

Mr. Gibson, though, I would consider him to be anti-Canadian.

Anonymous said...

Good post. Gibson sucks.

Anonymous said...

What a blowhard. Not even worth reading, except for humour value. Yes, Canada takes advantage of the world's economic and military bludgeon....right.

Media, Technology, Society

Mike said...

So I guess I was a pro-American when Clinton was in office and now I'm an anti-American.

My political stance cnages when the US has an election?

This is all very confusing...


ricky said...

David Frum should take up residency for life in America. I much prefer he pontificate frum there rather than from here.