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Friday, July 08, 2005

why is gwn so angry?

Wow. Well, it looks like I've officially 'made it' in the dark realm of blogdom. As of this morning, I've been added to Angry in the Great White North's quote list.

The quote follows the announcement that that Angry in T.O. had won the official daveberta 'most moonbatish wacko right-winger post of the year' award for the post "London Bombings: Canadian socialists aren't much better than British socialists"

It looks like my quote will be joining those left by right-wing blogging sensations and heartthrobs such as Mike Brock and Stephen Taylor on the sidebar of Mr. Angry's blog... wow.

I'd like to thank Angry in T.O. for this dubious honour...


angry_in_t_o said...

No problem. Actually, if it bothers you, I'll remove it. Just say the word. But for me, it's a badge of honour, and not a mockery of your opinions.

daveberta said...

no, no worries. Leave it up, I think it's fun!

D : )

Ted Betts said...

Oh, cut it out you two. Before you know it you'll start agreeing on policy or something. ;-)