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Thursday, July 21, 2005

wild rose roundup

Wander on over to the Catalytic Coral to check out the latest Wild Rose Roundup by my good blogging buddy Senator Catalyst. These things take quite a bit of effort, so tones of props are sent the Senator's way.

On another note, it appears daveberta has graced the pages of Edmonton's Free Weekly Magazine, SEE Magazine care of the Dew Line. Thanks for the mention! (It may not be as fancy as the CalgaryGrit getting mentioned in the MSM and Robert over at My Blahg on Antonia Zerbisias' website, but hey!) Anyway, you can check it out here.

Also, it seems like I've been tagged by Grandinite in some sort of Fantastic Twelve game. I accept the challenge and my response will come soon.

And for all of you wondering where my second chapter of my Calgary Stampede Weekend is, I am finishing it up tonight for a GRAND PREMIERE tomorrow (rumour has it that Paul Wells is on tenterhooks waiting for it!).

And: Soon to come, "The Best of Emil: Quotes and Salutations from an angry right-winger."


D :)


CFAC Library said...

A celebrity is you!

Emilio said...

Hey thanks for the free publicity Mr. Cowboy man. By the way is that a bow tie you're wearing with your shirt kinda like tucker Carlson. I read the posts following mine and it just goes to show what kind of people read your blog. People with bad senses of humor. Pretty entertaining though! Maybe we can have a square off between tory bloggers and Liberals ones.

Emilio said...

Oh sorry daveberta, I didn't look closely at your shirt. Those look like polka dots. Much cooler.

Senator Catalyst said...


It looks like you're blog has become possessed by some evil spirit from beyond this realm.

But don't bother calling that bum Constantine. Instead, if things get really out of hand, I'm prepared to summon my spiritual mentor Papa Disquisition.

Papa who?

Papa Disquisition, bitches! He has the ability to read the minds of conservative bloggers, and then release torment upon their wretched souls. It's kind-of frightening to be entirely honest. That's why I would preffer not to resort to such extreme solutions.

The only thing is, Papa doesn't like to use the computer all that much (he thinks it can steal HIS soul.) But I'm always like, "Oh Papa, drink a little more goat's blood and mellow out man." An he usually does...

All of this isn't to say that I don't enjoy Emil's banter; it certainly spices things up around here. I'm just passing a fair warning to all those who might be inclined to disrespect the sacred temple that is Daveberta.

Senator Catalyst said...


I just got off the phone with Paps, and he’s all pissed off! He was ranting and raving about how I still owe him money and whatnot. He says I’ve owed him since Christmas, but I never saw him at Christmas. (He’s kind-of a lunatic if you ask me.)

It looks like we’re on our own here Dave...