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Friday, August 12, 2005

council scrapbook

Snapshots of a weekend in Banff at the Council of the Federation.

Campbell: "Yo digity! West-coast!"
Doer: "I came all the way to Alberta to wear a garbage bag???"

Klein: "Don't f*** with Alberta!"

Lord: "tee hee hee!"
Charest: "Bless you my children. Tonight, I shall part the Red Sea."
McGuinty: "Why did I leave Toronto, again? Only two more days. Two more days. Two more days..."

Calvert: "So I says to Mabel, I says..."

"Goin' off the rails on the crazy train (with the fine china)..."


Robert McBean. said...

the herald is reporting that the conference was sponsored by 6 alberta tory friendly firms (i.e. lobbyists) and that the volunteers all came from the lobbyist firms. although, being the herald they could'nt or would'nt name the companies.

one wonders what specific favours would come out of this arrangement.

daveberta said...

interesting, but not suprising. I also heard that some company paid to have a pro golfer go golfing with the Premier's. Talk about sell outs. I wonder when the average person would have the oppurtunity to do something like that without giving a wack-load of partisan donations?????

The state of politics in this country stinks.


Anonymous said...
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daveberta said...

bamb! spammer comment d-e-l-e-t-e-d.

Anonymous said...

one wonders what specific favours would come out of this arrangement.

Yeah. Because kickbacks and graft are only OK when Liberals do it.