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Monday, September 19, 2005

blog of the week: doucheblog

Though Rob tends to focuses on the ups and downs of American politics, we've enjoyed this blog for a some time.

Check out the doucheblog.


AWGB said...

He is a fellow writer at the Gateway. But you did not hear that from me.

I'd like to se how Google Ad Sense would respond to his blog's content.

"Big Blue - the latest in vaginal rinsing".

daveberta said...

interesting. We'd heard the rumours and are glad to have them confirmed...

Rob said...


First this marvelous post, and now talk of my true identity.

Speaking of the Gateway, I might just have to send something in (even though I don't officially go to the U of A anymore--at least not in '05/'06).

Thanks for the recognition--I'm going to have to add you to my blogroll now, on my next site update..


AWGB said...

I got webstalking skillz.