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Thursday, September 01, 2005

happy birthday alberta.

Today is the 100th anniversary of the only province that we have ever had the pleasure of calling home. Today in 1905, the Province of Alberta and its sister Province, Saskatchewan, were officially born from the great expanse known as the North West Territories and its respected Districts.

We love our province. We love its natural beauty and diversity. We love that you can drive through the near deserts of Drumheller and Milk River to the majestic and amazing Rocky Mountains to the incredibly beautiful north filled with forests and lakes and the bald-ass prairie which spans as far as the eye can see all within one province. We love that an area so diverse and vast in its own is also part of an even vaster and more diverse country.

Our family first came to Alberta in 1896 as pioneers. They traveled from Sorel, Quebec and settled north of Edmonton. They were hard working farmers, breaking land and farming through brutally hard conditions. Along with thousands of other pioneers, they started with nearly nothing, but together they succeeded in building healthy and vibrant communities across this province.

We remember hearing our grandfather telling us stories about the 1930's when he and his brother drove a covered wagon to homestead in the Peace Country because the local mine had shut down due to the Depression.

We remember our grandfather telling us the story of how our great-great-uncle, Lionel Tellier (who also served as the Independent MLA for St. Albert from 1940-44), fought the Canadian government to the Supreme Court for the right to have French enlistment forms in Alberta during the First World War.

Albertans live in an incredible place. As a Province, we have an unbelievable amount of wealth in natural resources, but we also have incredible potential and an untapped wealth of resources in the form of our citizens.

Alberta has the potential to do great things as we moves into the 21st century; incredible things for our people, and incredible things for Canada.

As we celebrate this 100th Anniversary of this great province, let's not forget the potential all Albertans have, not as politicians or protectionists, but as leaders in strengthening our position as the best province in the best country in the world.

We love our home, our province, and our country.

Happy Birthday, Alberta!


Senator Catalyst said...

I wasn't feeling it until now Dave. Happy Birthday dude!

Zorpheous said...

Interesting that you are trying to hide your HUGE ASS behind these purdy pictures Daveberta, or should I call you Darth Dave now? The Wingnuterer will bring you down and your attempt to build ASS Empiror.

Zorpheous said...


Happy Birthday Alberta ;-)

Nastyboy said...

I went to the Leg. over lunch and caught some of the festivities. It was a great turn out. It was nice of the Prime Minister and Govenor General could come out and pretend they care.

The potential of Alberta is limitless provided we can find Provincial leaders with vision, and a Federal government that won't steal from us.

Nastyboy said...

I meant to say "It was nice that the Prime Minister and Governor General could come out and pretend that they care"

stupid proof-reading.

daveberta said...

I'm assuming you were sarcastic?

daveberta said...

never mind. I didn't realized they were actually in Edmonton (I found out later). I thought you were being sarcastic...

Allie Wojtaszek said...

Happy Birthday Alberta!

c-lo said...

I enjoy you busting out a picture from your previous blog template. Good Stuff!

daveberta said...

very observant, my young padwan... :-P