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Sunday, September 25, 2005

laguna beach and the city

Hope you enjoyed the random title.

Surprisingly, the last couple of weeks have been unusually friendly to us. We just got back into the city tonight after a wonderful weekend in our rural Alberta homeland. The air is so much cleaner outside the city, it's rejuvenating.

We also realized while having a cold pint on Friday evening at RATT, that we had spent 3 out of the 5 weeknights there...

Also, we met Reg Alcock last week. He seemed like a nice guy.

We leave you with...

Which Colossal Death Robot Are You?
Brought to you by Rum and Monkey

(Props to nastyboy for the quiz link)


Jim (Progressive Right) said...

Man, I think I'm too addicted to these blog quizzes.

I'm Megatron.

Scowling wilfully towards Autobot City, you're Megatron!

Look in a mirror and feel the evil. Then eat the mirror. You eat mirrors for breakfast. You are a badass death robot. You busted on Optimus Prime. You. Are. Megatron. Go outside and burn some animals, because you're worth it.

Jim (Progressive Right) said...

Wait. Am I reading too much into this?

You include both a reference to meeting Reg Alcock and a quiz asking which "Colossal Death Robot are You" in the same piece?

Muhahaha. :)

CFAC Library said...

"You are Optimus Prime!

Vast, red and ready to turn into a lorry at the slightest provocation, you are a robot to be reckoned with. Although sickeningly noble, you just can't resist a good interplanetary war, especially when Orson Welles is involved. You have friends who can shoot tapes from their chests. Tapes that turn into panthers. And other friends who are dinosaurs. Dinosaurs who jump out of planes. Will you have my children?"

daveberta said...

they are addicting.

"You include both a reference to meeting Reg Alcock and a quiz asking which "Colossal Death Robot are You" in the same piece?"

Yeah, but Robocop is soooo not a "Colossal Death Robot," which we are a little disappointed about. He's more of an awkward-walking cyborg of death.

interlocutor said...

I = gigantor.

Etymologica said...

Je suis Gigantor, aussi.

daveberta said...

gigantor is cool. much cooler than robo-cop.

Nastyboy said...

I am Bender, please insert girder.

daveberta said...

That's weird, Bender is soooo not a Colossal Death Robot!