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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Tory Leadership Survey! Fill it out!

Daveberta reader and EMBA student, Aarn Wennekers, has forwarded us an awesome survey that he has set up as part of his studies at Queen's University (and just like Grandinite's Great Canadian Blog Survey, Aarn's survey is quite awesome).

Aarn's online survey deals with the political question that's at the forefront of every Albertns mind: Who's going to replace Alberta PC Premier Ralph Klein when he eventually decides to step down (and follow John Hamm's lead)?

Will it be former Treasurer Jim Dinning? Ted "Firewall" Morton? Minister of "Staying out of the Limelight" Ed Stelmach? Advanced Ed Minister Dave Hancock? Defeated Minister Mark Norris? Clay Aitken look-a-like Lyle Oberg?

Well, luckily for you, here's a chance to have your opinion counted in an awesome survey!

Stop by and fill out the PC Party of Alberta Leadership Survey!


AWGB said...

Cool! Thanks for posting this. I'll blog it as well.

Jim said...

Promise to post the results when they come out, Dave?

geoff said...

It doesn't matter who succeeds Klein, because according to Alberta's history, the PC Party's "three-Premier" count is up.

Rutherford, Sifton, and Stewart were Liberals.

Greenfield, Brownlee, and Reid were all UFA.

Aberhart, Manning, and Strom were Social Credit.

And now, Lougheed, Getty, and Klein were all PC.

So unfortunately for the party's next leader, victory just isn't in the cards. ;)

daveberta said...

jim: Good question! We'll email Aarn and see if he'll share the results with us when the survey is finished.

geoff: we know, it's quite interesting the way the 3 Premier dynasties go in Alberta. But assuming Klein is the last also means he'll need to run again in the next election (or Alberta dissolves? making him the last Tory Premier? Is Saskatchewan going to annex us?)

"So unfortunately for the party's next leader, victory just isn't in the cards. ;)"

daveberta said...

let's hope.