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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

fall session

We hope you all enjoyed yesterday's Gomery Day festivities. We sure did.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programing.

Cut to set of Channel 17 Broadcast News

News Anchor: "Good Morning and thank you for joining us."

"In today's bizarre news feature, the Alberta Legislature will be meeting this fall to pass what is commonly known in other provincial juristictions as 'legislation,' and participate in a even more bizarre ritual known as 'Question Period.'"

"Our investigative reporters were not able to determine what shape or form this 'legislation' will take, but local officials are warning parents to bring their children in before dark and keep their animals in the safety of their back yards. If you see this elusive legislation, please contact your local police deparment immediately."

"It is also being reported by an anonymous source within the Legislature that the fall session, which begins on November 15 and will run for two or three weeks, is starting just in time for the rural Tory MLA's to bring their wives into the city for some Christmas shopping on the taxpayers tab."

"We will keep you updated as this story unfolds."


(End Scene)


Alexis said...


Jim said...

I hear that they're going to let the Liberals out of their shackles in the legistlature's basement for one hour a day this session! But that's only if they shut up and stick to the script...

Beatrice said...

I am still giggling at the thought of elusive legislation running wild through the streets of Edmonton.

daveberta said...

the last thing you want to do is get corned in a dark alley by a nasty piece of legislation... ;-)

daveberta said...

we meant cornered, but getting corned by legislation would definately be scarier...