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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

goldie vs. iggy

Tory MP Peter Goldring and friend.

Edmonton East Tory MP Peter Goldring, above (with the gun), launched an attack yesterday against Etobicoke-Lakeshore Liberal candidate Michael Ignatieff. Mr. Goldring accused Ignatieff of being “arrogant and ill-informed” for comments he wrote in his book Blood and Belonging. The comments were regarding the Ukraine.

Mr. Goldring was quoted as saying "I know how sensitive Ukrainians are to those who would support in any way the behaviours and attitudes of their former Russian oppressors."

According to the Toronto Star, Dr. Ignatieff believes he has been wrongly maligned by a group of Ukrainian-Canadians seeking to derail his federal election campaign in a west Toronto riding.

Now, we haven’t read the book, so we really can’t defend or denounce Dr. Ignatieff either way, but we remain quite skeptical. Perhaps if the attack had been launched by another Tory, say… James Rajotte, Rona Ambrose, Jim Prentice, or just about any other Tory MP maybe we wouldn’t roll our eyes. But for those of you don’t know, Mr. Goldring, an ardent advocate of Canadian expansion in the Caribbean, has been known to sit on the silly side of the Conservative caucus (here's our favorite).

Mr. Goldring forgot to mention that Edmonton East Liberal candidate, Nicole Martel, is from a Ukrainian family. How long will it be before Mr. Goldring accuses Ms. Martel of collaborating with the Russians? :-P


ainge lotusland said...

ignatieff is a complete tard who uses liberal language to advance self-interested, imperialist, conservative foreign policy. furthermore, he writes books about how bad it is that contemporary war is becoming so easy and clinical and detached because now states will use war as a policy decision more readily than before. this is funny because he supported the iraq war.

daveberta said...

"ignatieff is a complete tard"

Perhaps, we're not totally sold on him being the next Pierre Trudeau...

ainge lotusland said...

well, guy, ignatieff says he is against torture but favours some kind of "coercive interrogation" ... so where does he stand on that issue? its hard to tell.

Anonymous said...

eeuu sux.