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Monday, November 28, 2005

the sound a falling government makes is "thump"

Tune in! 3 pm Edmonton time is when live coverage of "non-confidence vote: part 2" is to take place. It should be a fun showdown! We've never seen a federal government fall! (THUMP!)

Good luck to all those involved in campaigns across the country. Play nice and have fun! :-)

We plan to have mostly Edmonton related campaign updates/gossip (for national coverage, we're sure CG will have his share of insight).

btw, we were in a cab last night with a driver who couldn't stop telling us some of the more offensive racist jokes we've heard in a long time. Slightly more disturbing that he was telling us them in the first place...

And finally, thanks to the half-dozen daveberta readers who emailed us commenting on the new template! We're glad you like it (and we love fan mail! [insert inflated ego here]) :-P


Anonymotron said...

So... when can I watch you make your visit to the ATM to get my $20?

Hasty said...

The thing I don't understand is the "we" stuff. Its all very "Seinfield" esque.... "Jimmy's ready" "Jimmy's got new moves" "Check Jimmy out.....JIMMY'S DOWN!" "Jimmy's going to get you Kramer" "George is getting upset!"

Either that of you have multiple personalities? Which wouldn't suprise me, being a Liberal and all! (just kiddin around!)


daveberta said...

Anon: When the gov't DOES fall! There's still 3 hours for Jack Layton to make another deal with PMPM! :-P

Hasty: no comment. :-P