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Saturday, December 03, 2005

candidate updates...

A couple of candidate updates for our 2006 Edmonton Election Candidates list.

- Jim Jacuta has been nominated/appointed as the Liberal candidate in Edmonton-Leduc. In 2000, Mr. Jacuta was the Federal Liberal candidate in Edmonton North (against Alliance MP Deb Grey) and the 2001 Provincial Liberal candidate in Edmonton Stathcona (against Alberta NDP MLA Raj Pannu).

- The Marijuana Party has nominated Ken Kirk in Edmonton East.

- Both Edmonton Centre Liberal candidate Anne McLellan and Tory candidate Laurie Hawn kicked-off their campaigns yesterday evening. Look for this to be a battle royale between what probably are the two most organized campaigns in the country.

- Props to Shannon (our "highly placed source in the NDP") for pointing out that the NDP are in the process of renominating candidates in ridings like Westlock-St. Paul and Edmonton-Sherwood Park. They originally had candidates nominated in all of Alberta's ridings back when everyone was expecting a spring election, but they've had to renominate in some ridings since.

- The Green Party has released a document detailing why they think they should be included in the 4 national Leader's debates. We tend to agree. It would be nice to see another party have the chance to take on the 4 traditional party leaders.

- The Greens have nominated Kate Harrington to run in Edmonton - Mill Woods - Beaumont.

- Also, after checking out the Marxist-Leninist Party website, our slightly twisted sense of humour was pleased to find this gem. Can you imagine the Liberals or Tories doing something like this? (A memorial to the 9 Liberal party members banned after Gomery....) No word as of yet if the ML's or the Commie's will be running candidates in Edmonton.

- Also, CBC has set up a "blog report" blog covering the blog coverage of the election. Check it out. It's fun.


Jim said...

Re: the M-L Party and if they'll run candidates in Alberta

Funny thing about that--on Friday night I went out to Halo downtown for my brother's birthday, where much dancing to mod and injesting of hipster beer was done. Interestingly, the guy who ran last time in Edm-Strathcona under the Marxist banner, Kevan Hunter, was there, partying with us. I believe he will be running again this time.

daveberta said...

A Marxist-Lenninist at Halo? Wow. he must be losing touch with his proletarian values... ;-)

Jim said...

Yeah, he's involved with APIRG and Darren Lau, who shares the same b-day with my brother, invited him to the joint-party. Um, not the Marijuana Party--I mean, the mutual birthday party.

*phew* Close one there.

Also amusing: Kevan is a devil with the ladies.