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Thursday, December 08, 2005

party leaders need to groove it up...

Here's our suggestion to Misters Martin, Harper, and Layton on how to spice up the election a bit.

Shake your groove thing. Shake your groove thing...


CFAC Library said...

Paul Martin would do best with the reverse ventura, greedy buffet patron, pass it on, and the ever-popular diagonal moonwalk.

I think Jack Layton would do well to master the power clam, the drunken grandpa, and the reverse mango.

It seems that the snappy dresser, and the belgian shuffle(s), and the turkish twist would best suit Stephen Harper's current campaign strategy.

Any ideas for Jim Harris?

TonyGuitar said...

Here's some Librano JIVE>

Liberal Tactic; Promise - get elected - Forget!

In 1974 the Liberal government entered into a 71 year land lease agreement with the Squamish Indian band.

Liberals promised to build an environment centre on the land leased near the Lions gate bridge on Vancouver’s north shore.

The Liberals, after paying millions in annual lease fees, have still not built the promised centre.

Annual lease fees started at $4 million in 1974 and have risen on a regular basis . Last Auditor General figures show income on a sub lease at $2.2 million and government lease payment of $28.8 million for a net loss of our federal monies of about $26.6 million.

The lease rate will soon be raised to a new higher value as per the lease agreement.

Is this the wise governance our Canada needs?

The site is the fourth most contaminated site in government hands and the clean - up may cost us millions more than the monies already lost.

This is only one of many similar unwise Liberal decisions wasting our tax dollars every day. I am told there are also vacant leased offices in the Ottawa, Hull Quebec areas.

These issues are only part of an incomplete list of 200 Liberal shortcomings.

Each item on the list of 200 scams or scandals is the result of a write up in the National Post, Ottawa Citizen or other respected news publication bound with the obligation to publish the truth or face legal prosecution by the courts.