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Thursday, January 19, 2006

he's watching...

Look who stopped by the other day....

Domain Name: (Canada)
IP Address : 66.46.213.# (Allstream Corp. Corporation Allstream)
ISP : Allstream Corp. Corporation Allstream
Continent : North America
Country : Canada (Facts)
State/Region : Ontario
City : Britannia
Time of Visit Jan 18 2006 4:53:57 pm
Last Page View Jan 18 2006 4:54:45 pm
Referring URL
Visit Entry Page
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Time Zone UTC-5:00
EST - Eastern Standard
Visitor's Time Jan 18 2006 6:53:57 pm
Visit Number 32,546


Hasty said...

I would be worried if I was you. As Kinsella recently stated, Mr. Martin still has a couple days worth of control of our military. He might be sicking the JTF2 on you.

Chris-face said...

JTF2 is in Afghanistan.

holtopia said...

What about pum pum pum JTF3? You know, the ones trained by Major Payne?

Fell said...