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Thursday, February 09, 2006

martha hall findlay is "frighteningly qualified": blogging tory.

As you may now know, Martha Hall Findlay has beat us to the punch and is now the first candidate to officially enter the Liberal leadership race. Good for her! She has the guts to do what Frank McKenna, John Manley, Allan Rock, and Brian Tobin didn't!

Hall Findlay is a Toronto lawyer who ran for the Liberals in 2004 against then-Tory MP Belinda Stronach in Newmarket-Aurora.

When Stronach crossed the floor to the Liberals last May, one of our favorite blogging Tories, Steve Janke of Angry in the Great White North, had this to say about Hall Findlay:

"(May 18, 2005) Who is Martha Hall Findlay? She was the woman found run over yesterday. Forensic analysis of the evidence suggests two vehicles -- one was a Stronach Aspiration Special, outfitted with wide tread tires for extra grip in an environment of slimey and slippery power-grab politics, and the other was a Martin Desperation Wagon, the sort without doors so that anyone can just jump in as he drives by waving money and cabinet appointments.

Seriously, Ms. Findlay was the Liberal candidate for Newmarket-Aurora, ready to fight Ms. Stronach in a re-match of the 2004 election, which Belinda barely won (by a mere 689 votes).

Good thing the Liberals tossed Ms. Findlay. I've looked over her experience and skills, and I'd say she was far worse fit in the Liberal Party than Belinda Stronach was in the Conservative Party.

Read on, and you'll see what I mean."
"(May 20, 2005) On another front, Martha Hall Findlay, the frighteningly qualified Liberal candidate for Newmarket-Aurora who was pushed out when multi-millionaire Belinda Stronach came to take her job away, still has her web site up. Good for her."


Anonymous said...

Why Martha Findlay would make a good leader of the Liberal Party, and Prime Minister of Canada

I believe she should be seriously considered by Liberals, because she brings several distinct plusses to the table, including these:

• Findlay has made her own way in life, like most Canadians have to. If she is elected leader of the Liberal Party, she will understand more than most of her wealthy opponents what the average Canadian faces.

• She has proven – in both business, as a mother, and in politics – her ability in all those fields.

• She is untainted by scandal, and would present a fresh face to the voters.

• She is an Ontarian, source of a big whack of total seats in the House.

• Her bilingualism meets the “minimum needs” tests for any candidate for leadership of a major political party in Canada.

• She has served her time in politics, is well respected in her riding, has demonstrated the ability to pull voters from across the spectrum of voters, and is not a parachuted-in candidate into her riding or into the leadership campaign.

• She will be a uniter – of the party, of the country.

It will be interesting to see if she is able to come out of the starting blocks with a detailed, personalized platform of her own, so that Liberals can weigh her positions on major issues and assess whether she could be a credible Prime Minister.

Given the absence of a clear frontrunner (with the most likely ones – Tobin etc. – having dropped out), the likelihood is that the votes will be close, with more than one round being needed to select a leader. Ms Findlay will enter the selection process with her own block of support, but she deserves serious attention from those who might be called upon to cast their votes for someone other than their first choice.

Anonymous said...

Maggie managed the Falklands war and led her country to peace and prosperity . Martha Hall Findlay is a young , dynamic Margret Thatcher .