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Thursday, February 02, 2006

vincent von google

It's been a busy week here in the land of daveberta!

First, we're still intrigued by Gerard Kennedy and have sent him an email urging him to think about running for the Federal Liberal leadership (it may force us to renew our lapsed membership).

Second, on Monday afternoon, we joined a couple hundered other Univeristy of Albertans in listening to a lecture by the always articulate and wonderful Stephen Lewis. This was the third time we've seen Mr. Lewis speak and he did not disappoint. He was just as moving and powerful as the first two times.

Third, we recieved our "Ralphbucks"/rebate/prosperity/screw-you-Canada cheque yesterday. Woopie! $400. Though we still think it's a pretty irresponsible way of using tax-payers dollars, we will gladly take it (we're planning to donate at least half to charity).

Fourth, yesterday, we met with the former Deputy Prime Minister of Sweden and current Swedish Ambassador to Brazil, Margareta Winberg. She was on campus speaking in the Arts building to a group of about 12 people. She was speaking Swedish at least 90% of the time, so we didn't understand most of what she had to say.

Fifth, we're now addicted to the wonderful Aqua Teen Hunger Force. We blame Henderson.

That is all. You may now continue your day.


Anonymous said...

Half to Charity...Half you will one sentance you just described why more money in your pocket is better than anyone were charitable and capitolistic all in one fell swoop.
My God...another angel got their wings.

daveberta said...


We'll be putting the other half towards our tuition, so we're really not better off. We'd rather the entire money went towards something like, say... making Alberta better for future generations? Not sure how $400 on Beer and Popcorn will make Alberta a better place... mind you, we're sure more people will be putting their $400 on paying for the costs of the deregulated energy that is heating their houses or going to Vegas or something. So, really, is it benefiting the Alberta economy? Not really. It's more of a testament to how simplistic the minds of our Alberta Tory overlords are. All Hail King Ralph.

Anonymous said...

And now you know how I feel about our Federal point being...more $ back to people like you...there is not enough trust in the Canadian people to do the right thing. I have a large business, lots of employees..and...over the last 10 years my charitable contributions have decreased because of the highest corporate tax rate in the world...I used to keep guys on in the winter even if there was no work...because of my responsibility to my employees...I cant do that anymore, and profits I make during the year either go to an accountant or the Canadian Government...why not let me dontate..why not let me decide...there are 1000's like me who just move or go underground. The thing with Martin's ship lines having flags other country's only proves my point...I feel no illwill to him but, he could never make a living in this country with those ships under our taxation least not and compete...and the last part of my rant is...I would pay higher tax's if I thought that for one minute we were making a dent on child poverty, homelessness, long term care facitlity's etc etc....we never ever seem to help fully the ones who need our free to call me names.

daveberta said...

1. Why would we call you names?

2. " more $ back to people like you" We don't want the government to give us money. People don't pay taxes so that the government can spend even more taxes in processing and mailing out cheques (which were the people's money in the first place). We'd rather they invest it in our institutions - how about catching up on the $7 Billion Dollar infrastructure backlog here in Alberta? How about cutting Health Care Premiums? How about investing in post-secondary education and training so when the boom goes bust, we will at least have more than a province filled with unemployed former rig-pigs?

It's about vision. The "prosperity" cheques, to us, highlight the lack of vision in this provincial administration.

Anonymous said...

Thats hard to argue with. I was not aware that Albertans get $ back in the form of a it only for Ralph's followers do "latte" drinkers get it too?
(sarcasm)...we got a hydro rebate cheque last year then hydro went up 15% the next month....strange.
Anyways...nice to talk to you...I gotta go finish my day as a capitalist swine and stuff money in my hidden vault...Kennedy is the one guy that us ConS would be worried about...he's a very good man...gotta love the last name too.

CFAC Library said...

If you think Aqua Teen Hunger Force is good, then just try Harvey Birdman!