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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

we & i.

Well, in a moment of thought, we found ourselves thinking about the day we decided that it might be interested to write in the first person plural (or whatever Steve Smith called it after he threatened to punch us in the throat).

Fortunately for Mr. Smith (and our throat), we've decided it was once again time that "we" blogged as an "I."

So, I am back blogging tonight for the first and the last time in a bit. The upcoming forecast of daily events looks like it should be getting a little busier in the next few weeks, so the blog posts will most likely be sparce and few, if any.

Tomorrow afternoon, I will be attending the opening of the Alberta Legislature which is highlighted by the Speech from the Throne. I didn't get a chance to watch Premier Klein's Address to the Province this evening, but I hear that for the first time since about 1987, the Government of Alberta will be investing new funds into the Heritage Savings Trust Fund.

I will also be facilitating two discussion sessions at this weekend's Public Interest Alberta Post-Secondary Education Conference here in Edmonton. The sessions I will be facilitating are the Student Finance session with the lovely Clare Ard and the Rural PSE Access session with Dr. Roger Epp, Dean of the U of A Augustana Campus.

I've done quite a bit of research on student financing and rural PSE issues over the past year, so I'm very interested to hear what people have to say about the subject.

As well, the guest speakers for the weekend include Globe & Mail columnist Jeffery Simpson and Peter MacMenamin, the Deputy Secretary General of the Teacher's Union of Ireland. It looks to be an interesting weekend.


Sean Tisdall said...

Oh please, please, get them talking about STV.

robert mcbean said...

we have always enjoyed your writing regardless of the person. throat punchers are sissies.

Steve said...

A sissy I may be, but at least I. . . um. . . look! Halley's Comet!

In any event, welcome back to the world of correct use of pronouns, you singular blogger, you.