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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

welcome to the mother ship.

Couple of things...

- Sacked former Tory MLA Lyle Oberg is stills wants to be in the PC Leadership race. Lord only knows why he would want to lead a caucus that doesn't want him around in the first place...

- Advanced Education Minister Dave Hancock is now officially in the race to replace Ralph Klein as PC leader.

- After 35 years out of power and 27 years since electing a single MLA, the Alberta Social Credit Party has decided that they are doing just fine on their own. On Monday, the Socreds called off merger talks with the Alberta Alliance and the Alberta Party.

Their press release stated that:

Leader Lavern Ahlstrom welcomed all Albertans disillusioned with the governing Tory Party to join the Social Credit Party, the "common sense" alternative. "Our doors are open and will always remain open," said Ahlstrom in a reference to welcoming members of other parties who left Social Credit to return to the "mother ship." Stressed Ahlstrom, "Social Credit has a future in today's Alberta and Albertans deserve better."
Welcome to the mother ship. Vote Social Credit.


s.b. said...

Hello Dave. To think, all this time I thought you were really a cartooon.

To business:
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He needs to incorporate to protect his liability. This is what he feels he has to do for his comfort in order to ensure liblogs continues without jeopardizing his future.

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WillBlog said...

And while your at it, please donate $15 Million dollars to the "Save the Liberal Party of Canada Fund". We tried picking up Belinda and shaking her upside down, but no money fell out, only economic pie.

Anonymous said...


Please donate 10$ to the elect "Lyle Oberg leader of the Tory Mothership Fund" so that the Tories can do some hot ship-on-ship battle against the Socred Mothership.

Lyle Oberg would look excellent in a space suit, so please consider this cause. Also, he must consolidate himself against tort.


Space Tory For Lyle 2006

daveberta said...

*cough* sorry, you must have me confused with someone who has money...