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Monday, April 03, 2006

the grassroots are out of touch with the grassroots.

Does that mean that the grassroots are now the establishment?

From Maclean's

Alberta Tories say delegates against Klein out of touch with grassroots


EDMONTON (CP) - Should Ralph Klein stay or should he go? Alberta's premier is mulling over his options after his Progressive Conservative party gave him a lukewarm 55 per cent support in a leadership review on the weekend in Calgary.

He has promised to reveal his decision by the middle of this week.

As Klein confers with advisers, senior government members were suggesting that delegates who voted against his leadership on Friday night are out of touch with the party's grassroots.
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Anonymous said...

how arrogant is that? The grassroots are out of touch with themselves?

Talk about a culture of entitlement.

michael in calgary said...

The Tories need to clone 10000 Rod Love's to whip the grassroots "intouch" with themselves.

That would solve that annoying "think for yourself" attitude.

Saguenay Grit said...

Yesterday I saw a conservative Minister on the news (sorry I forgot who) tell Klein shouldn't listen to the Party and stay anyways.... this would be a dangerous precedent!