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Thursday, April 20, 2006

say 'no' to cilantro!

Thank goodness someone agrees with me on this one.


Mike said...

Testify Brother!

Evil Weed.

tara said...

personally, i have an aversion to's beyond overrated....if i wanted my food to taste like pineneedles i'd eat the tree...yuck.

s.b. said...

You have a geneticly different taste bud that makes cilantro taste like soap. People who don't have that taste bud love it. It tastes great. You either love it or hate it. It's genetic.

Does earl Grey tea taste like soap too? Same thing.

Emil Vargas said...

It tastes like shit for it apparently helps remove heavy metals like lead and aluminum so it has benefits. Things that taste bad usually have pros.

H. Cowen said...

I hate cilantro, the smell makes me sick.

Socialist Swine said...

I actually really love cilantro and rosemary too. I would say that the only spice that I'm not so fond of is cumin. Cumin is kind of gross.

-Socialist Swine

andrea said...

Cilantro IS nasty!!!

One summer when I was working in a greenhouse, the whole stock of cilantro got infested with some kind of bug. It was thrown out in the big compost bin, where I had the pleasure of turning the compost.

Let me tell you cilantro lovers, there is something about the smell of sun-baked cilantro that reminds me of death. You know, like the smell from a packing plant or decomposing meat. Mmmmmm mmmm mmmm.

I haven't really liked it since, though I should qualify that. I have had a few thai and mexican dishes that used a little bit of cooked cilatro effectively. Overall, though, I think the herb is trouble, especially in the hands of a culinary novice.