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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

welcome to the government of canada... er... ministry of truth...

Props to Jason from Gauntlet who did a little digging in response to my post "propaganda peice" about the new Conservative Government's "make-over" of the Government of Canada website into a press release generator for Conservative Party of Canada.

For those of you who may have had doubts about this allegation, check out the links Jason has provided in the comment section of that post:

Compare these archives of the Government of Canada site with these archives of the Liberal Party of Canada site.

There's no question that the current situation is vastly different. Vastly.

When Harper said he had a problem with Liberals covertly using government resources to support their party's political objectives, I thought the operative word was "government." Evidently, it was "covertly."

As long as you're brazen about it, it's OK.


Emil Vargas said...

Jason Cherniak has no credibility in his attacks. That guy would eat Paul Martin's feces if he thought it would get him more respect from the Liberal Party. Who cares if the website is different than before. Its a new government. And this government didn;t steal a quarter of a billion dollars and funnel it to their friends

aloneinmacleod said...

The previous government didn't steal any money. Some unscrupulous business people did steal about $50 million and they are being persued by the police.

The real money crime has just been perpretrated by the new conservative government, giving $1 BILLION to their friends in the White House just so they can say that they signed a softwood lumber deal.

Next time you are standing next to your conservative friends you better check your pockets because they will tell you only thing and do the complete opposite.

Emil Vargas said...

THe Liberals were gonna sign a deal for 3.5 billion my friend before we tossed them outta government. And the Libs appropriated that money to Lib friendly firms that did almost no work. That to me is stealing. I dunno what you call it, maybe government at its best. And the longer we waste on softwood, the more money we lose anyway in lumber trade. Insulting Amercians in elections does not get you results.

Emil Vargas said...

even if left-wingers love it

Psychols said...

I don't understand the concern with the new Government website.

Pictures of Harper with the word's Prime Minister on the caption are not propaganda. They are just irritating.

Sean Tisdall said...

That's not the concern, the concern is the confusion of the parliamentary government with the institutional government. The latter was the almost exclusive draw previously on the government website, the programme of the cabinet should not be on the main page of the GC website if this government is respecting tradition, which it so repeatedly and earnestly claims to do.

WillBlog said...

Dave! Are you alive? Some of us need your daily blogging!