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Monday, June 19, 2006

al gore is hot stuff.

I got this email from an old friend yesterday. I haven't seen the movie yet, but I'm planning to...

Hi everyone,

I know lately some of you have been receiving e-mails from me about climate change and this movie that just came out called "an inconvenient truth" starring Al Gore Jr..

I just saw the movie and felt extremely moved to change from being a pseudo-environmentalist to taking the everyday choices that I make involving climate change seriously. I urge all of you to please see this movie because it is highly informative and has no poltical bias. It clears up the many misperceptions provided by small groups of people feeding misinformation to the public and shows us that even as individuals, we can make a change.

This movie is currently playing at the Garneau which opened on June 16th. The following is a weblink to a page about the movie and some interesting information,

Thanks for the read and please take it seriously.


Jim said...

It's a great, great film. I initially wasn't that interested about it, but I heard great things about it and took the opportunity to see it on Friday.

I strongly encourage you all to see it; it's very, very well-done.

Ron's Thoughts said...

My family and I just got back from seeing the film, and it is the greatest documentary I have ever seen. I just wrote my representatives in congress urging them to go see the film. I have been telling everyone I work with to go see the film. Hope you find the time to see it soon.

Anonymous said...

If you like that one I recommend Michael Moore films fantasy at its worst.

Jim said...

U guyz R teh sTupiD dOnT' U no tAht gLobAll wArmIng is a hOxE?!?!?

Anonymous said...

Go to instead.

Allie said...

No political bias? I'd find that hard to believe given the nature of the topic AND that Gore is involved. How do you seperate politics from a politician, and politics from a political matter?

Or maybe it cancels each other out!

The Liberal Times said...

It was a great movie. I think it was right on the money.

Anonymous said..., it should be