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Monday, June 12, 2006


Dear loyal daveberta readers,

It is with my sincere hope that you learn to enjoy the following random selection of photographs from my recent expedition to the netherworld known as "Ontario."

Most Sincerely,


A retirment home for old lawyers and businessmen.

Flying high at Canada's National War Museum.


And I thought it was a beard...


Freshly squeezed in Toronto.

Designer models now open? Suggestive advertizing? Methinks so...

The forces of daveberta roll across the Urals...

Small green men.

I *heart* Lake Ontario.

No introduction needed. GO OILERS!


tara said...

and i clearly live so close to where you were....three blocks from condom shack, same from cbc...and isn't the war museum fun? i went there last summer and had a blast...

Anonymous said...

the caption for picture #1 is incorrect dave. It should read "home for conservative lobbyists and those who want to build firewalls around Alberta and Quebec"

daveberta said...

Yeah, the war museum was pretty cool. It had some great exibits. The Seven Years war exibit was really cool.