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Monday, July 17, 2006

back with a vengence.

Following my triumphant return to Edmonton last Friday, I have a couple of things to say about Lethbridge:

- It's windy.
- The Lethbridge Lodge is very nice.
- The people in Lethbridge are better looking than the people in Calgary ;-)
- The University of Lethbridge has a nice campus (and a very very long hallway).
- It's windy.

There also seems to be a semblance of political diversity in this fine southern Alberta municipality... Here are the results from the two Lethbridge ridings in the 2004 Provincial General Election (results from Elections Alberta)...

Lethbridge East
Bridget Pastoor, Alberta Liberal - 5,338 (41%)
Rod Fong, Alberta PC - 4,703 (37%)
Brian Stewart, Alberta Alliance - 1,472 (12%)
Gaye Metz, Alberta NDP - 606 (5%)
Erin Matthews, Alberta Greens - 360 (3%)
Darren Popik, Social Credit - 252 (2%)
(turnout: 48.4%)

Lethbridge West
Clint Dunford, Alberta PC - 4,411 (41%)
Bal Boora, Alberta Liberal - 3,639 (33%)
Mark Sandilands, Alberta NDP - 1,357 (12%)
Merle Terlesky, Alberta Alliance - 913 (8%)
Andrea Sheridan, Alberta Greens - 385 (3%)
Scott Sawatsky, Social Credit - 375 (3%)
(turnout: 45.5%)

Just for fun, when you combine the total party vote between Lethbridge East and Lethbridge West, here's what the results look like:

Alberta PC - 9,114 (38%)
Alberta Liberal - 8,977 (38%)
Alberta Alliance - 2,385 (10%)
Alberta NDP - 1,963 (8%)
Alberta Greens - 745 (3%)
Social Credit - 627 (3%)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the picture of the tresle bridge... Use to love those day-trips to Lethbridge from Elkford BC. Shave off the coal dust and hit the road, with the best part either the mountain sheep we'd see on the Crowsnest in the canyon or Fort MacLeod's A&W! When the Wrath of Khan opened, I drove through some pretty snowy conditions to see it at the Lethbridge mall. Glad to see that there are a good # of progressives in the city. Hopefully a Rae, Kennedy or Dion will bring them on side for the next federal dust-up!

Anonymous said...

Results for the Lethbridge federal riding in the 2006 Canadian election:

Rick Casson (CPC) 35,061 (67.3%)
Melanie Thomas (NDP) 7,135 (13.7%)

and in a distant third...

Michael Cormican(Lib) 5,859 (11.2%)

So it would seem that your next Rae, Volpe or Fry leader (such great leadership candidates by the way) will have a lot of work to do before that riding is ever represented by a Liberal MP.


daveberta said...

Remember that the Lethbridge Federal and the two provincial ridings are quite differenet in configuration.

The provincial ridings are just the urban city, whereas the Federal riding also takes in large and vast very very conservative areas (Christian Heritage candidate Marc Slingerland got 1461 votes in the Federal election).

The federal riding of Lethbridge also includes the deep rural provincial riding of Cardston-Taber-Warner, which elected Alberta Alliance MLA Paul Hinman in the 2004 Provelection.

There is no doubt that sourthern rural Alberta is very conservative, but the urban areas are much more diverse when it comes to electoral results.

daveberta said...

And also remember that the Provincial and Federal Liberal parties are different entities competing in different feilds.

Anonymous said...

The Federal Liberals will never win Lethbridge - the Alberta Liberals on the other hand have a very good chance of picking up Lethbridge West in the next election. They've held Lethbridge East since 1993.

Allie Wojtaszek said...

Dave... I think you might be in danger of becoming a geek.


daveberta said...

"Dave... I think you might be in danger of becoming a geek."

That sounded like a dare to me ;-)

Sam said...

"in danger"?? He left "in danger" when he started this blog. Also, Yay Mel Thomas!

Gauntlet said...

Dave is a hero to political geeks across Alberta, Canada, and possibly our arm of the milky way.

daveberta said...

And that was only the first wave of geekdom...

Robert McBean. said...

EVERYONE is better looking than the people in calgary. Except me.

I actually like lethbridge a lot. i took a few exams at the uofl. neat buildings.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dave,
You forgot to plug your favourite SU in Lethbridge! Anyways I just wanted to let you know that Bridget is LOVED in Lethbridge and that our political diversity is the reason why we are the termed the "red headed step child" of AB...says Duncan? Our Uni polls were interesting...haha too bad I forgot the results. Ask Char...

Have fun at SFB!