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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

jim dinning: a man with a plattitude.

For anyone up for some entertaining rhetoric, feel free to check out the Alberta PC leadership front-runner Jim Dinning's "on the issues" page. The page features some extremely rivitng policy statements. Here are some examples of Jim Dinning's strong vision of leadership...

Jim Dinning on Edmonton:

"I know from the 19 years I lived in and raised my children in Edmonton between 1977 and 1997. I know that Edmonton is uniquely different than the rest of Alberta. Different history. Different geography. Unique spirit. A one-of-a-kind community mindedness."
Jim Dinning on Voter Apathy/Democratic Reform:
“The best way elected officials can connect with their voters is to deal with the issues that count and show results. People want to see change as a result of their engagement in the political process ... real change ... not window dressing, not superficial posturing, not sound bites. That’s true whether it’s in provincial, federal, local politics, or in education or health care.”
Jim Dinning on Alberta's Public Service:
“Alberta needs a public sector that is non-partisan ... that’s capable of serving any political party that Albertans choose to put in office. A public sector that gives unbiased advice rather than second guessing what the politicians want to hear. A public sector that understands their job is to put forward the best ideas ... the best policy proposals ... then implement whatever decision their elected leaders and representatives and boards of governors or directors choose to make."
Wow, I must say, what innovative and ground-breaking policy statements : Albertans don't like political window-dressing, Edmonton has different geography than other parts of Alberta, and a non-partisan civil service is a good thing. (calling theses policy statements is stretching it quite a bit)
Rumoured future Team Dinning policy announcements include:

- the colour blue is uniquely different from the colour green. That's a difference, and that's unique.
- the FIFA World Cup was in Germany this year, and that's unique. Different results and unique history.
-the weather in the summer is warmer than in the winter, and that's uniquely different.

Wow, I'm really glad we have political leaders like Jim Dinning who are talented at pointing out the perfectly obvious...


Jim said...

Dinning is a joke. Remember when he called Edmonton and Calgary "dumbells" to a rural audience?

Yeah, I guess that's another way of saying we're "unique".

Anonymous said...

Well as lame as his "policies" are, at least he has tried to come up with his own material. That puts Mr. Dinning one step ahead of the "Hey-what-are-the-NDP-doing? - Let's-copy-it!" policies of Kevin Taft and his Liberals.

Interesting news about the unexpected fall sitting that is going to occur. I'm as left as they come and I totally support public investment and infrastructure, but frankly I would rather see another round of "Ralphbucks" than to have the current government toss away the remaining surplus on their idea of increased public spending.

Whenever the Tories try to "put more money in", it just results in more bureaucrats being hired and more toys being bought. Somehow the increased dollars never end up increasing the services provided...

Anonymous said...

"Well as lame as his "policies" are, at least he has tried to come up with his own material. That puts Mr. Dinning one step ahead of the "Hey-what-are-the-NDP-doing? - Let's-copy-it!" policies of Kevin Taft and his Liberals."

What are you talking about? Both the Liberals and the ND's have more policy in one paragraph than Dinning does on his entire website. Check it out.

Jim said...

Anonymous #1 clearly ignored the fact that Taft's 2004 platform has really set the tone for the post-debt debate. I can't believe you'd say that Dinning has substance. You're insane.

Sean Tisdall said...

Speaking of setting the tone for the debate...

Anonymous said...

great post dave. it really highlights the lack of substance coming from the Tory leadership frontrunner.

Anonymous said...

Taft's 2004 platform was the best platform since Lougheed's 1971 platform.

It was moderate and offered strong leadership for Albertans. But 2004 only laid the foundation for the next election!