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Thursday, November 30, 2006

john cleese, the mla for fort mcmurray-wood buffalo.

Larry Johnsrude posted a bizarre transcript of an Alberta Energy Utilities Board hearing starring Alberta's Environment Minister Guy Boutilier who was not answering questions as a Minister, but only as an MLA...

Here's a portion of the transcript, I encourage you to read the rest, bizarre, monty pythonesq...

Judge for yourself. The following is an excerpt from an exchange between Boutilier and Don Mallon, lawyer for the Mikisew Cree First Nation:

Q (Mallon). I'm going to talk about the paragraph where you look forward to fishing with your grandson, and today you said granddaughter, but I gather from what you said today and what it says in the following paragraph that you don't have a
grandchild yet, or am I mistaken?

A (Boutilier). Actually my wife and I don't have a son or daughter yet, but we're in the process of privately adopting, so as a follow-up to our adoption, we expect to have grandsons and granddaughters.

Q. All right. So I'm going to assume that your grandson is precocious. And has become a river ecologist, a river biologist. And your son advises you as the Minister of Environment that the Athabasca River system's ecosystem is in danger of imminent collapse and that you and he are not going to be able to fish in that river anymore. And the reason for it is that the flows are too low and that we're removing too much water. Now, the responsibility that you have, which is an absolute responsibility, then, is to protect the river, right?

A. It's important to recognize that I'm here as MLA, I'm quite prepared to answer any question, but not as Minister of Environment.

Q. Well, I'm sorry, sir, you don't get to pick and chose who you are one minute and who you are not the next. You are the Minister of the Environment.

A. Right.

Q. And I'm asking you, sir, that as the Minister of Environment, is it not appropriate, if that ecosystem is in danger, to reduce or completely stop the withdrawal of those flows for the period of time that it takes in order to allow that system to get back to square one?

A. Mr. Chairman, I am here today as the MLA representing the region and citizens.

Q. And we know that Alberta Environment is the protector of the environment in this province.

A. Yes, I'm here today, though not as Alberta Environment but as the MLA.
Read the rest...


Anonymous said...

And Boutilier supported Lyle Oberg...

Anonymous said...

Now might be a good time for:

*drum roll please*

cabinent predictions!

I'd love to hear Daveberta's take on who he thinks might be in cabinent, given each of the three would-be premiers. It will be interesting to see how many portfolios there ends up being.

Red Tory said...

Hilarious. And Pythonesque most certainly.

Anonymous said...

I hear no campaign wanted Boutillier's endorsement after he went to Oberg and the "Good Doctor" was dumped.

Apparently Norris took him under his wing and made him part of a package endorsement that included Norris.

You can see why Guy was hard pressed to find a "home" with the stupidity he shows in the Johnsrude posting.

If Stelmach wins, he should dump him out of cabinet after this is over on Saturday.

Anonymous said...

More "Yes, Minister" than Python, but bizzare nonetheless.

Sam said...

Yes, I thought it was ridiculous that he even wanted to testify.