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Monday, November 20, 2006

peter lougheed.

Peter Lougheed's endorsement of Tory Dauphin Jim Dinning means something. Right?

- Will Peter Lougheed's endorsement effect the PC leadership race in any big way?
- Does this put Dinning over the top on the first ballot?
- What does this do to Red Tory candidate Dave Hancock?
- What happens if Dinning takes it on the first ballot?
- Will this increase the low interest in the leadership selection?

More comments on this in the near future - along with my predictions on the Alberta PC leadership selection, the after-effects, a new challenge for the Alberta Liberals, NDP, and Alliance, and what happens next in Alberta's political scene...


Anonymous said...

To say Peter Lougheed would have no impact would not be true. However, I believe his type of people are already largely behind Dinning.

Personally, I think Mr. Lougheed's last days endorsement of Dinning was just careful scripting designed to give Jim positive press in the last week before first ballot. Lougheed Jr. has been working for Dinning for months, if not longer.

The idea that Lougheed Sr. thought carefully weighed all of the candidates and just now has come to a decision is laughable. As much as he should be respected for some of his previous deeds, this is old-guard Calgary talking. He is also the same guy that earlier indicated a distaste for one member - one vote electoral procedures in the leadership race.

Colonel Mustard said...

No affect on Dave, he's running in 6th anyhow.

I agree that this is just a media move that will have little effect on the vote. Oberg and Morton voters don't care.

Anonymous said...

The tide still hasn't come in for Oberg and Morton voters, they are still all out at sea!

Peter Lougheed's endorsement and association will spur on the "AnyonebutDinning" movement, which will bleed votes from Jim to Hancock, not convince the PROGRESSIVE Conservatives to vote for Oberg or Morton.

Dr Experience said...

The endorsement is significant. The continental drift towards Dinning inevitable and unstoppable. The attempt to have an anybody but Dinning movement will fail because of the strength of his Big Blue Machine and over half the caucus with all their membership lists. His sizable lead will hold and increase in fact because the alternatives (Morton and Oberg) will not look attractive to the drop outs. I'm not even a Dinning supporter, but "Its Dinning! By a country mile!"

Anonymous said...

Speaking of endorsements, I was at the Calgary Advance Poll yesterday to vote. And who did I see, but Mrs. Nancy MacBeth. Her husband(?) had a pretty orange scarf on - the ones that were handed out by Dinning-ites at the televised forum. Nothing like subtlety.

PC, then Liberal, now PC again? Come on Nancy, you're like Oprah on a fad diet. But I guess it should be no surprise. Jim was pushing for her when she ran against Klein.

Anonymous said...

Why would liberals support Dinning? Seriously, the libs would have a better chance with Morton then Dinning. Again, the libs in AB just don't know how to win elections.