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Thursday, November 09, 2006

ralph klein, peter mackay, same old story.

I'm not going to qualify this video with much of a response, other than it was a typically classless remark from our soon-to-be former Premier. And I'll leave him with the same comment I left with Mr. MacKay.

Note the cheering.


Anonymous said...

This isn't the worst thing he has said or done. Ohhh, Ralph!

Nastyboy said...

It's a joke. It may have been a bad one, but that's a matter of taste.

Ruder things have been said about better people than Stronach, why should she be off limits?

Anonymous said...

Ruder things have been said about Stronach, but Klein should know better. His comment is a signal of a general undercurrent of complete sexism by old boy white politicians like Klein and his elite ilk.

Jim Dinning may be boring, a corporate Calgary stooge, and completely clueless, but I don't think he's a sexist.