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Thursday, December 07, 2006


I'm gone to Lethbridge tomorrow, so no blogging until the weekend (most likey).

Until then, let's play a little game called - NAME THAT CABINET!

In this game, you're Ed Stelmach... who will you put in your cabinet?

Finance Minister Lyle Oberg?
Justice Minister Gay Mar?
Children's Services Minister Ted Morton?
Infratructure Minister Ray Danyluk?
Health Minister Doug Horner?

Post your predictions...


Sean Tisdall said...

*looks at list* Oh, riiiiiight, I knew there was a reason I wasn't too encouraged by the result of this race.

In other words: Please. Sweet. Holy. God. No.

Anonymous said...

Oberg out...Marr Justice, Brokeback Morton in charge of the Marrige Registration Act, Guy gets the Boot-ilier.

Anonymous said...

Morton will get a plum cabinet job either Health, Justice or Energy.

Expect Oberg in Finance.

Hancock as Deputy Premier and maybe back in his role in Advanced Education

Ouellete and Danyluk will get positions in areas such as Infrastructure and Transportation or community development.

Don't forget about Iris Evans with a high-profile job as she was a cabmin backing Ed from the beginning.

And maybe expectthis man as Intergovernmental Affairs minister.

Manley Man said...

Ted Morton as advanced ed is the rumour I keep hearing this morning...

eric said...

Advanced educaion will be combined with education.

Anonymous said...

New names I expect we'll see in:

Ray Danyluk
Thomas Lukaszuk
Fred Lindsay
George Rogers

People that will probably get dropped:

Gene Zwozdesky
Guy Boutilier
Clint Dunford
Denis Ducharme

Anonymous said...

Lukaszuk? No chance. Danyluk for sure, possibly Lindsay. George Rogers - don't think so.

I think Bout will stay, the rest you mentioned will go.

Anonymous said...

I think Lukaszuk will get a junior cabinent role as an olive branch to the Dinning camp. Plus he will need that boost if he is to improve upon his prior election results. It will also provide for enough Edmonton ministers, as I do expect Zwozdesky is out.

eric said...

Ray Danyluk - that would be a disaster!

Maybe Morton will get the education file, but I'm still guessing intergovernmental affairs.

Anonymous said...

Here's what I've sussed out through rumour and conjecture... this is the combined wisdom of many civil servants:

18 Cabinent Posts

Finance - Ray Danyluk
Health - Iris Evans
Environment / SRD - Dave Hancock
Education / Advanced Education - Lyle Oberg
Justice - Ted Morton

Intergovernmental / Municipal Affairs - Gary Mar
Aboriginal Affairs - Yvonne Fritz
Children's Services - Alana DeLong
Human Resources & Employment - Mike Cardinal
Solicitor General / Public Security - Harvey Cenaiko

Energy - Mel Knight
Community & Economic Development - Denis Ducharme
Agriculture - Fred Lindsay
Infrastructure - Ty Lund
Government Services / RGE - Luke Ouellette

Innovation & Science

Anonymous said...

This seems like a pretty good list.

But Danyluk as Finance. wtf. this guy has no credentials in that field whatsoever. that would be a disaster. having said that, given his loyalty to stelmach, i wouldn't be surprised at any position he receives.

Solicitor General / Public Security - Harvey Cenaiko - I agree.

Anonymous said...

Harvey will keep his post, but Lyle "I know where the skeletons are" Oberg has been telling the media in Calgary that he's up for the finance post.

Anonymous said...

I can't see Oberg getting finance. Stelmach won't want too many drastic changes.

Morton for Justice would be very interesting.

Ap said...

Morton can't be justice. You need to be a lawyer, plus that would really piss off the legal community. Not a wise move.

Anonymous said...

ap is right. Anyone ever read "The Charter Revolution and the Court Party"? Morton as Justice Minister vs. the legal community (in that they actually believe in the integrity and neutrality of judges) could get really interesting.

Jim said...

I've read excerpts in my Law & Politics class last year. You're right, he IS a scary motherfucker.

AP said...

Yay, Professor Garber!

Jim said...

Damn straight, son!