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Thursday, January 25, 2007

fancy new daveberta.

As you may have noticed, the template of this blog has changed a bit. I'm proud to announce that this blog has joined 2007 and changed over to the "new blogger." The jury is still out on the changes to blogger, but look forward to new and exciting changes to this blog in the near future (including my finishing updating the blog links on the recommended reading bar).

On another note, my life is returning to a semi-regular normality once again, so you can be sure to expect more regular posting in the forseeable future.


Oxford County Liberals said...


Thank you for not informing us over at Prog Blog for your switch (even after we had an announcement up at the site for a month asking Blogger changeovers to inform us beforehand so we could change your feed and not have you wonder where your posts got to :))

Fortunately, since I read Liblogs, I saw this announcement and manually switched the feed just now to ensure you are still on at Prog Blog (no no, no need to thank me).

Oh...and uh.. nice looking new blog :)

From your friendly (one of 'em anyhow) Prog Blog moderator

Enlightened Savage said...

Dave: Enjoy the blog, even though Scott and the gang at Prog Blog apparently don't want me (just kidding, guys!).

As a huge fan of old maps, though, I'll certainly miss the old banner. Where did you find the graphic?

Keep up the fight.

- ES

Anonymous said...

I have been on the "new blogger" quite a while..but can't figutre out how to get a picture in the Profile area. Did your "Southpark Daveberta" just transfer or did you have ot reload it?

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Prog Blog, thoughts on this?

daveberta said...

Thanks all. And thanks for changing this blog over on prog blogs, scott. I totally didn't notice.

Ken- The picture just transfered over. To change your picture, you'll need to go to the "Edit User Profile" section on your blogger dashboard.