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Monday, January 15, 2007


I'd like to draw some quick attention to some new additions to the amazing blogroll to your right, they include the Enlightened Savage, The Prairie Wrangler, and thoughts interrupted, as well as Calgary Mountain View MLA David Swann's new blog.

Also, I'm working on some exciting template changes that are going to blow your mind!

As well, last week I attended a luncheon for Federal Liberal leader Stephane Dion at the University of Alberta's Campus St. Jean. The room was packed to the brims, Dion's speech was good, and I was impressed with his self-deprecating humour. It's always nice to see politicians who don't take themselves too seriously.

I'll be looking to see how serious Federal NDP leader Jack Layton takes himself when he jets through Edmonton later this week.


Anonymous said...

I imagine Jack Layton will take the whole thing a bit more seriously... himself included.

After all, the NDP have a better chance to win a seat in Alberta than Mr. Dion's Liberals do.

It was the NDP, right there in Strathcona, that came the closest to beating an Alberta Tory last spring.

Anonymous said...

How was his English?

robin said...

Anne McLellan came the closest at defeating a Tory in Alberta in 2006. Her margin was 3609.

Linda Duncan's margin in Strathcona for the NDP against Rahim Jaffer was 4856.

daveberta said...

Dion's english was better than I expected.

It is his second language, but he is still very articulate when he speaks english.

Marlin said...

Hey, daveberta, or any of you other politcos out there for that matter.
I want to go to the nomination meeting for the Edmonton Strathcona NDP this Friday, but I've never been to such an event before and I won't know anybody. Any tips on how to survive one of these things?

Anonymous said...

Dear Robin:

There is a rather large difference between "beating a Tory", which Linda Duncan and the NDP came closest to doing, and losing a seat you already had, which is what Landslide Annie and the Liberals did.

Anonymous said...

Heya Marlin,

The NDP events (and those of the other major parties) tend to be pretty easy to "crash". I'm assuming you are not a party member and therefore won't need/want a voting ballot, so just show up and act like you belong. Come to think of it, there may be no vote as I haven't heard of anyone contesting Linda Duncan.

So yeah, show up, mingle if you want or sit back and wait for the speeches. Jack Layton always puts on a good show.

Jim said...

Anyone else think that, barring a complete Liberal non-campaign in the district, that Duncan's best chance has passed her by?

Pink said...

nope. She's got a solid shot at it.

janet said...

Duncan benifited greatly from the weak Liberal campaign nationally and in Strathcona in the last election. My bet is that the Liberals will gains some of those votes back, drawing them from the NDP and Duncan. 2006 was clearly the high water mark for the NDP in Edmonton Strathcona.

Anonymous said...

Rahim Jaffer will be elected again.

Anonymous said...


you know, they said that in 2004, too. "there's no way the NDP will ever top Azania's 23%," they said. and then came 2006.

people know duncan now, and they really like what they see. there are an awful lot of liberal voters who were kicking themselves when they saw the 2006 result, and they won't make the same mistake twice. she's not a shoo-in by any means, and if i had to make a prediction in the riding right now i'd have to agree with the last anon. but there's no way her vote percentage goes down next time. no freaking way.

Marcus said...

For the last three elections, the NDP vote in Strathcona has been trending upward, including elections in which the Liberals won.

For the last few elections, the Liberal vote in Strathcona has been trending downward, including elections in which the Liberals won majority governments.

Duncan has name recognition this time. Also, I get the impression the NDP is taking the seat way more seriously this time. Layton has been in Edmonton at least three times since the last vote, and I suspect we will see a lot more of the 'stash during the next campaign. I also hear the NDP will be throwing more organizational, fundraising and advertising dollars at the riding.

By contrast, I'd be very surprised if the Strathcona Liberals get a lot of support from their party next time. Liberals are far more likely to look to Edmonton Centre and East as the logical places to focus efforts.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Layton has been to Edmonton four times since the last election - Summer BBQ, Notley nomination, Alberta NDP convention, Duncan nomination.