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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

yeah. so.

Oh, budget time... this was in my email box tonight...

"The long, tiring, unproductive era of bickering between the provincial and federal governments is over." Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, on the fiscal imbalance provisions of his budget today. [Umm... how about I buy him a beer if that is true in one year, and he can buy me one if some bickering occurs over equalization before then.]

Earlier today: "This is clearly a promise broken," Calvert said. "It's clearly a betrayal of a promise that was made not to the government of Saskatchewan but to the people of Saskatchewan." [Hmm... I already win!]
Also, I had a meeting with Finance Minister Lyle Oberg today. I didn't ask him what his thoughts on equalization and natural resource revenues were today...


Anonymous said...


You need to do your homework more thoroughly. There has been no inconsistency in Dr. Oberg's position and it consistent with the Premier's position. There was never any inconsistency in fact. Don't always believe what you read in the media. Read between the lines.

Anonymous said...

Oberg said something.

Stelmach said something contradicting what Oberg said.

Daveberta doesn't need to do much homework when they're laying it out like that.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 4:05:

Read Don Braid's article and then think things through again.