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Saturday, April 21, 2007

drumheller-stettler by-election.

Today is the day that the Alberta Tories will chose their candidate to replace former Finance Minister Shirley McClellan in Drumheller-Stettler. There are three candidates running to carry the Tory banner:

- Jack Hayden, farmer and former President of the Alberta Association of Municipal Districts and Counties (1998-2005).
- Norman Storch, Hanna-area farmer.
- Leona Thorogood, an accountant from Stetter.

The Alberta Liberals have nominated local farmer and former County Councillor Tom Dooley.

Other nominated candidates in Drumheller-Stettler include Socred Larry Davidson, Alberta Aliance candidate Dave France, and Alberta Green Jennifer Wigmore.

UPDATE: Jack Hayden has been nominated.


Anonymous said...


Jsck Hayden will crush his Liberal opponent. Guaranteed. Check out today's Calgary Herald.

The question is how long it will take the Liberals to whine that there is not enough money in the budget for education, environment and child care. Answer, last Friday. You can't have it both ways. Eventually, you get your fingers burned.

Anonymous said...

This contest is not between the Liberals and the PC's. It's between Dave France, of the Alberta Alliance and Jack Hayden of the PC Party.

The Liberals did not even run a candidate in this constituency last election.

By-elections are characterized by their low turnout, and untraditional results favouring third parties. Deborah Grey and Gordon Kelser of the Western Canadian Concept Party were both elected in byelections in Alberta because of these factors.

Look for Dave France to chalk up a big victory and the size of the Alliance Caucus to double after the by-elections.

As well the Liberals have an excellent opportunity to pick up Calgary Elbow. With Ralph gone this one is up clearly for grabs.

If Drumheller Stettler goes Alliance and Calgary Elbow goes Liberal, Stelmach sure will have some egg on his face.