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Monday, April 02, 2007

rabid partisans.

Idealistic Pragmatist has a good post on her feelings towards partisanship and a recent visit to Edmonton by NDP MP Nathan Cullen.

I share many of IP's feelings towards blind rabid partisaness.


Idealistic Pragmatist said...

Yeah, I thought you might.

I long for the day when you can feel strongly that a particular party has the best ideas without being all "my party right or wrong" about it. Maybe someday.

Anonymous said...

I was in attendance at Nathan & Linda's forum and I can that it was fabulous! Nathan Cullen is a very impressive speaker who seems to have very solid ideas & policies blended with a real "salt of the earth" speaking style. He was great with all members of the audience, even those who challenged some of his assumptions or viewpoints.

Regardless of any partisan politics, the Parliament of Canada is well served by an MP of Nathan's calibre.

George said...

Partisaness? Learn to write English. Partisaness is not a word of the English language.

In your other post, it's "sacrificial lamb", not "sacraficial lamb". How did you ever get through high school?

Anonymous said...

grammar nazi.