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Friday, April 13, 2007

thank goodness for the weekend.

A little bit of a local roundup...

- Ken Chapman has written a good post on the reality of the Mountain Pine Beetle's infestation into Alberta's forests and the effects this is having on the communities and economies in these areas.

- Calgary Herald columnist Don Braid has shed some light on the mysterious disappearance of "Bill 2" from the Alberta Legislative order paper.

"This week's favourite Liberal target is a contract awarded to Bob Maskell just days after he was defeated as a Tory MLA in the 2004 election.

Maskell has supplied invoices, and it's evident that he has done serious work on an Aboriginal Education Showcase planned for May.

But a defeated politician still got a government job almost instantly. The casual assumption that there's no problem with this is exactly what the Liberals are talking about.

As the days wear on, it's hard not to suspect a connection between the Liberal assaults and the government's mysterious disappearing conflict of interest legislation.

This was supposed to be bill 2. Weeks ago, a Tory MLA told me with absolute certainty that it would be introduced March 26.

It hasn't appeared yet, even though bills 3 through 30 are on the table. bill 2 remains nothing but a gaping hole in the list.


Well, you can imagine what would happen if the bill outlawed behaviour the Liberals have already revealed, but the government has defended."
- I'll be attending Public Interest Alberta's annual conference this weekend. Changing Alberta: Pursuing the Public Interest will feature speakers such as Tony Clarke form the Polaris Institute, Annie Kidder - Executive Director of People for Education, Tyson Slocum - Director of the Public Citizen's Energy Program in Washington DC, and Monica Lysack - Executive Director of the Child Care Advocacy Association of Canada. I will also be participating as a member of the panel during the Post-Secondary Education sessions.


Anonymous said...

Fucking liberals. Because they embarrassed the government, now we can't have reasonable conflict of interest legislation.

we need to defeat all these liberal clowns in the next election and get on with the business of GOVERNING RESPONSIBLY without the constant catcalls of a shrill, nonsensical opposition.

Anonymous said...

Dave - your readers may want to go to and see the PIA interviews or perhpas more accurately cescribed as conversations on the Alberta democratic deficit with Larry Booi and Steve Pattten.

This is a serious problem for citizens and PIA needs to be congratulated for bringing a focus and some attention to it.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 3:06 is either typing ironically or is a complete idiot...that post is the political equivalent of "I would have made it if not for you meddling kids". Damn democracy, why do you have to get in the way?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...