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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

polls closed.

Let the vote counting begin.


Anonymous said...


Based on small returns, the Liberals are being killed in Drumheller-Stettler and are holding a very slim lead in Elbow (44%-37%). For a government that has screwed up so badly, they seem to be holding their own.

Anonymous said...

any new results? I cant get anything and of course edmonton newservices are as useless as sin...any vote totals at all?

James L. said...

Um, we're talking about Calgary-Elbow--Klein country--here. So it should be a GOOD thing that the PCs can't even get 40%?

Anonymous said...

Oh, poor anonymous, it hurts to lose doesn't it? When your going down why not try a pathetic attempt to discredit the Liberals.
That move has Conservative written all over it.

4 Liberal MLAs in Calgary now. Let's keep them coming.

George said...


I have been live-blogging the results.