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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

polls closed.

Let the vote counting begin.


Anonymous said...


Liberals asked for waste agency donation (3:14 p.m.)

Jason Markusoff

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

EDMONTON - The Alberta Liberals asked for a $15,000 donation last year from the same public waste agency that Liberal Leader Kevin Taft pilloried Premier Ed Stelmach's leadership campaign for getting cash from, the premier said today in the legislature.

Stelmach revealed a letter that Dan Carroll, the Liberals' president, wrote to the Beaver Regional Waste Management Services Commission. Carroll requested the maximum legal donation from the agency.

It was sweet payback for Stelmach. Taft made the revelation last week that Stelmach's Conservative leadership bid received $10,000 from Beaver Regional, a provincially established body that is owned by a handful of municipal governments, including Ryley, Tofield and Viking.

Stelmach had admitted his organizers' donation was unethical, and said it was refunded at the end of his leadership bid. The waste agency said it did not give money to the Liberal party.

"To be perfectly clear, no laws were broken," the premier said in question period, as Liberal MLAs loudly heckled him.
The Municipal Affairs ministry had been probing Beaver Regional's donation history, and was given two Liberal solicitation letters in a package the waste agency's staff had provided Monday, said Forrest Wright, the body's chief administrative officer.

The other letter was inviting the waste commission to purchase tickets for a party fundraising dinner, at $350 each, or $2,800 for a table. It was signed by Sandeep Dhir, who has been nominated to run for the Liberals in Edmonton-Manning, a seat currently held by independent MLA Dan Backs, an exile from the Liberal caucus.

Liberal party executives were not immediately available for comment.

Anonymous said...


Based on small returns, the Liberals are being killed in Drumheller-Stettler and are holding a very slim lead in Elbow (44%-37%). For a government that has screwed up so badly, they seem to be holding their own.

Anonymous said...

any new results? I cant get anything and of course edmonton newservices are as useless as sin...any vote totals at all?

James L. said...

Um, we're talking about Calgary-Elbow--Klein country--here. So it should be a GOOD thing that the PCs can't even get 40%?

gs said...

Oh, poor anonymous, it hurts to lose doesn't it? When your going down why not try a pathetic attempt to discredit the Liberals.
That move has Conservative written all over it.

4 Liberal MLAs in Calgary now. Let's keep them coming.

Werner Patels said...


I have been live-blogging the results.